Studio Owner

Pilates Teacher Training Director

Loralee Stephens PMA-CPT

Voted “Best Trainer”
*2010 *2013 *2014 *2017

PMA®-CPT Loralee is a Certified Pilates Trainer and in good standing with the Pilates Method Alliance, the only international organization that defines the parameter of Pilates teaching and expertise. The PMA is dedicated to protecting the quality of the profession and protecting the public by establishing certification standards for Pilates professionals. She has been committed to the fitness industry since 1993. Over the past 18 years she has been involved with all facets of the industry from group aerobics instructor, personal trainer, fitness director & club manager. In 2000 she found and feel in love with the Pilates method and has been a full time studio owner since 2006. She is dedicated to furthering her knowledge of Pilates by continuing to study under different teachers with a variety of approaches. The Spot is based on the belief that our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. Loralee along with her instructors are dedicated to meeting those needs.

Loralee & Laurie (Pilates Instructor) joined forces to bring a Pilates Teacher Training Program to The Spot. They work as a team and both oversee the program as Co-Directors launching the first Teacher Training Program August of 2015!

Pilates Certifications

PMA, Certified Pilates Trainer 2009
Integrated Balance, LLC – Comprehensive Studio Certification 2006
PHI Mat & Reformer

Specialty Pilates/Movement Training

Mat w/ Props, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Athletes, Pilates for Men, Pilates Jumpboarding, Stretch Out Strap, Posture/Movement Analysis, Pilates for the Shoulder,  Ron Fletcher: Towel, Floorwork, Spine Corrector & Reformer, Advanced Chair, Advanced Cadillac, Bosu, Flexibility, EXO Chair, Anatomy in Clay

Additional Certifications

Personal Trainer & Aerobic Instructor, AFAA
Spinning Instructor, Maddog
TRX Group Trainer

Wild Roots Aerial Yoga Level 1

Antigravity Fitness Level 1

Loryn Stanley

Studio Manager

Certified Pilates Instructor

TRX & Aerial Instructor

Loryn has been practicing Pilates almost 5 years now after seeking out a routine that would allow mindful movements to strengthen and balance her body. After just a few classes, she was hooked, noticing some major changes in her body, even some pain release out of her lower back, stronger core, posture improvements. She went on to get her Mat I certification at Willow Studio in Nashville, TN. She continued her training here at The Spot completing Mat I & II certification followed by a current training in Reformer I & II, Chair, Tower, Cadillac and Barrel. Loryn is excited to continue teaching, learning and growing along the way to help her clients improve posture, strengthen and balance their body to live a happy and healthy life.

Charlotte Napier

Spin Program Director

Certified Spin Instructor (Madd Dog Athletics)

TRX, Kickboxing, Pilates Mat, & Indorow Certified

As a wife, mother of three, and real estate professional Charlotte realized a long time ago that fitness gave her the energy and focus in her day to day life to be happy, healthy, and productive. She began as a reluctant runner and then added workouts in the gym. Within a year her entire life had changed as a result. She ran my first marathon that year, was certified to teach spinning, kickboxing, and Pilates.  Every aspect of her life was touched and she realized what a passion she had for helping others realize what was inside them as well. Charlotte has been guiding spin classes for over 15 years and loves to see people of all ages and physical abilities see positive results as they challenge themselves on the spin bikes. Her goal as a fitness instructor is to inspire and encourage others to reach their physical goals to enrich every part of life.

Charlotte’s Teaching Style: Training with purpose, passion, and intensity

Laurie Conley, PMA-CPT

Pilates Teacher Training Director
Senior Pilates Instructor

Laurie began Pilates as a student thirteen years ago and became committed to pursuing her 450 hour comprehensive Studio Certification through Integrated Balance, LLC in October 2013. PMA®-CPT Laurie is a Certified Pilates Trainer and in good standing with the Pilates Method Alliance, the only international organization that defines the parameter of Pilates teaching and expertise. The PMA is dedicated to protecting the quality of the profession and protecting the public by establishing certification standards for Pilates professionals. Laurie has been an avid exerciser all of her life and was drawn to Pilates as it challenges not only your body’s mobility, stability and strength but also challenges your mind and its connection with your body to achieve a higher level of fitness.

Laurie and Loralee, The Spot Studio Owner, joined forces in 2015 to bring a Pilates Teacher Training Program to The Spot. They work as a team and both oversee the program as Co-Directors launching the first Teacher Training 450-Hour Comprehensive Certification Program August 2015.

Pilates Certification
PMA, Certified Pilates Trainer 2018
Integrated Balance, LLC – Comprehensive Studio Certification 2013

Additional Certification
CPR Certified

Nancy Ware

Certified Pilates & TRX Instructor

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 500 & E-RYT 200

Power Yoga Certified

Nancy Ware first earned her Pilates certification through Integrated Balance. After many years of home practice and deep love for yoga, Nancy earned her RYT-200 from Mindful Motion Yoga Center in Goodlettsville ,Tennessee and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She also holds a B.A. In Psychology & Sociology from Western Kentucky University.

“Physically, I have never felt as strong as when yoga accompanies my Pilates practice. A healthy combination of the two makes me feel so alive and connected to my mind and body in my everyday existence.”

It was her love of movement and desire to help others in reaching their goals that inspired her to teach. Using compassion, a sense of humor, and with respect for what each individual can accomplish, Nancy empowers students to simultaneously love who they are, and strive for who they wish to become.

Nancy’s Teaching Style: Vinyasa, Breath-to-Movement, Alignment Based, Sense of Humor, Challenging but accessible for all (props & modifications)

Brandon Thomas

Certified TRX & Kick-Boxing Instructor

Brandon has been a dedicated fitness fanatic most of his life, whether it be basketball, running, weight lifting, hiking, rock climbing, etc. staying active is of utmost importance. He is a firm believer that the more you move and use your body and mind, the longer you will be able to continue to move.

He was just recently certified as a TRX instructor at Pysiofit in Nashville, and now holds classes here at The Spot. His love for the TRX methods has only continued to grow throughout his time here. He enjoys weight lifting most days, but strongly believes in alternative workout methods for the body and mind.

He is dedicated to helping others learn, set goals, and accomplish their goals through TRX and Kickboxing at The Spot.

Erica Cutright

Yoga Alliance Register Yoga Teacher RYT 200

Erica’s philosophy teaches with attention to alignment, guiding her students with compassion and humor so that they can gain knowledge, awareness and understanding of themselves through their practice.

For Erica, yoga is not just about being flexible…Yoga is about uncovering who you really are. It’s about being kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others. It’s about slowing down to get strong. It’s about breathing, moving and remembering to smile.

Erica completed her 220 RYT in September of 2017 and is Yoga Alliance registered. Erica is dedicated to growing and learning in her practice as well as her teaching to better help others with posture, breathing, and balance…on and off the mat.

Erica’s Teaching Style: Mindful, Intentional, Inclusive, Growing, Student-Focused

Cassi Nushart

Anti-gravity Fitness Level I

Cassi has been passionate about fitness, dance, and teaching since she was a child. She danced throughout school from a young child until college. Cassi found her love for teaching in high school when she began teaching elementary dance.
Cassi loves to encourage students to exceed the limits they place on themselves. “I love the idea of exploring more space in your body through using the silks and the mental hurdles you can overcome while hanging upside down. Aerial Yoga encourages you to truly be present in your movements because you’re not only focusing on using your body, but also on utilizing the fabric to get the most out of your time in the room.”

Kylene Stephens

Anti-gravity Fitness Level 1

She has been an dancer her entire life, training in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap, and is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Dance at WKU. Kylene is thrilled to finally be able to share Aerial’s amazing technique with others, and is excited to gear her focus on beginners.
Her goal as an instructor is to help everyone – regardless of experience – feel accomplished, confident, successful, taller, happier, and healthier by the end of class. Everyone starts something as a beginner in some point of their life, and Aerial Yoga is no different. Kylene truly believes Aerial Yoga is for everyone and hopes to make her class and practice something that is achieveable by each person who walks through the door, regardless of their current physical routines or abilities.

Emma Napier

Certified Spin Instructor

Emma is 2017 graduate of WKU.  She has been an athlete her entire life playing competitive soccer and gymnastics.  After graduation she started attending classes at the Spot and quickly found a passion for Spinning as the new outlet for her athletic spirit. Emma became a certified Spin instructor through Madd Dog Athletics last October and is loving sharing her passion for exercise and music by creating a unique style for her spin classes. Emma brings energy and intensity to every class

Andrea Forsythe

RYT 200 hr Yoga Instructor

Andrea is certified in the Barkan method, Hatha, and Yin forms of yoga.

Picture coming soon

Emily Harlan

RYT 200 hr Yoga Instructor

Emily is a 200 RYT who has practiced yoga for more than half her life. She discovered yoga at 16 in rural Eastern Kentucky. She has a dynamic flow practice in which studetns can find their edge while creating space on their mats for peace and acceptance.

Meredith Klapheke

Certified Pilates Instructor

Meredith has been passionate about fitness, movement and dance for as long as she can remember. After taking 15 years of ballet and dance, she fell in love with Pilates and barre as a way to stay connected with dance while also staying toned and lean. After having a baby recently she decided to pursue her interest as a career by embarking on the Integrated Balance, LLC Pilates teacher training program. Meredith has successfully completed all the requirements for her full Studio Certification. “Pilates can transform your body and mind in a way no other form of exercise can…it is truly amazing and is perfect for all shapes, sizes and ages. I love that anyone can do it and everyone can see and feel results”

MacKenzie Deaton

Certified Pilates Mat Instructor

MacKenzie started practicing Pilates in 2011 when her modeling agent recommended Pilates as the best way to lengthen and tone her body. She loved the practice so much she pursued her Pilates teacher certification here at The Spot completing her Mat I & II certifications in 2016. Mackenzie lives in Bowling Green with her husband Andrew and five month of daughter, Zella.