What is Pilates?

Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880-1967)

Creator of Contrologoly. Known as the Pilates Method, the series of more than 500 exercises was designed by the once sickly boy to strengthen and elongate muscles without adding bulk. In the 1920s, Pilates worked to rehabilitate bed riden patients by removing bedsprings from the bed and attaching them to the walls. Using straps on their arms or legs, patients could lie in bed and push or pull springs, exercising against the coils’ resistance. Pilates’ series of exercises focus on very precise movements in combination with proper control and form rather than high repetitions, resulting in a balanced muscular-skeletal system with strong, flexible muscles and improved posture.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates helps balance your body, building strength where you are weak, flexibility where you are tight,a more evenly developed physique and stability in your core muscles.
Key benefits include:

  • Improved balance, coordination & circulation
  • Longer, leaner muscles with less bulk, more freedom of movement & greater flexibility
  • Improved posture & heightened body awareness
  • Greater core abdominal & back strength
  • Firm flat abs & lean defined legs
  • Less pain & tension


Reformer All-Levels

This class is geared to everybody! Our goal in this class is to get our clients to locate and develop their “core”. We ask that they perform all the Pilates movement patterns with the core muscles engaged without compensation or abnormal torque. We will challenge your core musculature and explore simple movement coordination. Coordination will encompass upper and lower extremity movement patterns in intuitive and sometimes counter intuitive configurations that will train and strengthen your core.

Reformer Int/Advanced Levels

Our goal in this class is to get our clients to work with sustained “core” engagement. The teachers will throw in a few “curls” and other assorted variations that will be sure to remind you where your core muscles are. Again, all movement without compensation or abnormal torque.

Pilates Playground

Try out all that The Spot has to offer in this circuit style equipment class. You will never be bored as you move from Reformer, Chair, Tower, Barrels, Jumpboard and maybe even TRX. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Foam Roller & Stretch

This class is designed for all fitness levels. In this class a foam roller and various massage balls will be used to lead you through a series of stretches and exercises that will help loosen up connective tissue (fascia) to increase flexibility, muscle recovery, movement efficiency and promote overall wellness. This self-massage with the foam roller and massage balls will help release muscle tightness or trigger points so that your muscles can perform to their best ability.

Tower Class

The ULTIMATE class. If you are looking for a challenge, here it is! Using the wall unit and springs to create resistance, students will elongate their muscles, increase flexibility and gain a new respect for mat work.

Pilates Mat Class

This class only uses a Mat and Joseph Pilates’ classical repertoire. We teach clients how to identify their core and stabilize it while going through a series of exercise. Modifications and progression are given for your needs.

Jumpboard Class

This class revolves around generating cardio using the Reformer Jumpboard Attachment. This class is great for your core and lower body.