Pilates Teacher Training 2024

Have you ever wanted to teach Pilates? Or maybe you’re a student and have fallen in love with the work and would like to improve your practice and deepen your knowledge of Pilates. At The Spot we offer a full 450-hour Comprehensive Pilates training which includes Mat Pilates and the full studio apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel. We also offer just the Mat Pilates training, Phase I of the full curriculum, detailed below. You will come away with the confidence and knowledge to teach any types of client after completing our program. Our program is PMA approved and you will be eligible for the Pilates Method Alliance certification after completion of the 450-hour comprehensive program!

Led by Loralee Stephens & Laurie Conley

Loralee & Laurie, Pilates Teacher Training Directors

2024 Training Weekends Not Yet Available

Pilates Fundamentals

10 hours – 2 day training

This training includes an intro to the muscles involved in movement, specifically geared toward Pilates. This module includes covering exercises with specific reference to the muscles and joints allowing you to understand the information more effectively. There will also be a portion dedicated to the tricks of the trade to assessing posture deviations as well as movement analysis as they pertain to Pilates movements.

*This weekend is a pre-requisite to moving forward with any other modules in our teacher training program.

Mat I

18 Hours – 3 day training

2024 Dates TBA

Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, beginning exercises and introduction to intermediate level exercises with modifications. An overview of anatomy and movement principles is covered with this course. Prerequisite: Anatomy & Movement Principles

Mat II

12 hours – 2 day training

2024 Dates TBA

Mat II includes the remaining intermediate and advanced level exercises as well as use of props for advancing clients and to aide in providing appropriate modifications.


18 hours – 3 day training

You will learn all Tower/Cadillac exercises and how to adapt to an array of clientele, for both group and private settings.

Chair / Barrels

18 hours – 3 day training

This course provides a thorough teaching of repertoire on the Chair and Barrels. Equipment set up, safety and maintenance are covered as well as how to incorporate the exercises into a group class or private sessions.

Reformer I & II

Reformer I or II (depending on the need)

Includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises, session sequencing and teaching cues for group classes. Modifications designed for group and individual instruction are covered as well as technique for teaching clients at different levels of ability


Full 450 hour Tuition … $3995 (savings of $1080)

Includes: Anatomy/Fundamentals, Mat I/II, Reformer I/II, Cadillac/Tower, and Chair/Barrels

Mat Only Tuition … $995 (savings of $295)

Includes: Anatomy/Fundamentals and Mat I/II

Modules Purchased Separately

   Anatomy & Fundamentals … $295

   Mat I & II … $995

   Reformer I & II … $1995

   Cadillac/Tower … $895

   Chair/Barrels … $895

Payment Plan

We offer payment plans for all our pricing options. Please contact us if you are interest.

We are now accepting applications for our upcoming 2023 trainings.