Regardless of age, experience or level of fitness, everyone is warmly welcomed to practice yoga at The Spot.

The path of yoga is thousands of years old with its roots in India. The word yoga is literally translated as “union” or “yoke.” Yoga is designed to draw together the heart, body and mind into a balanced whole. The physical practice of body postures and breathing exercises is called Hatha yoga, which facilitates an inward search to find the very best within us and then learn to express that every day in our lives. Yoga practice promotes physical fitness by improving flexibility, increasing strength and endurance thereby positively affecting lung function and circulation, as well as enhancing the efficacy of the internal organs through detoxification and stimulation. By focusing on the present, yoga opens the way to improved concentration, coordination, reaction time and memory; yoga also reduces the physical and mental effects of stress by encouraging relaxation. The meditative aspects of yoga help in reaching a deeper, more spiritual, satisfying place in daily life by strengthening the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of our beings—integrating the body, mind and spirit.

Class Styles

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa, originally inspired by Ashtanga yoga, is a breath-to-movement and strength building class that creates opportunity to deepen awareness in traditional poses while also playing with the edge. This class focuses on core strength, balance, and flexibility. The pace is moderate to active with more advanced poses being introduced. Modifications are provided, all levels of experience welcome.

*All power vinyasa classes are heated at 85 degrees.


Vinyasa stems from Ashtanga, a traditional style of yoga focusing on proper alignment and pranayama (breath). Vinyasa connects breath-to-movement through traditional sun salutations and sequenced poses.

This class is a relaxed version of our power vinyasa classes making it great for beginners as postures are held longer and often supported with props.

Sunrise Yoga

Rise with the sun, join us for an early morning yoga class. This morning flow will energize your body and center your mind, preparing you for the day ahead. Students can expect to move through sun salutations, alignment focused asanas (poses), & at least one inversion to get the blood moving!

Sunrise Yoga… maybe even better than a cup of coffee? We’ll let you decide. Let’s rise & shine & grind together!

*Room is heated to 86 degrees. All levels welcomed.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the perfect balance for muscular (Yang) style yoga practices. It goes at a slower pace, allowing students to focus on the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and joints of the body. It can truly improve ones flexibility! It is not uncommon to hold asanas (postures) 2-5 minutes or longer. The time spent in each asana is similar to that of time in meditation, allowing for a deep stretch, and an even deeper understanding of your body and yourself, in general. After a Yin session, you will leave the studio feeling calm, grounded, and centered in your body.

Children’s Yoga Class

Well-being is a family affair at the Spot! Bring your little ones every Monday afternoon & Saturday morning for mindful movement, creativity, and playfulness. We’ll have your little ones moving, breathing, and creating all while incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives.

Children’s Art & Yoga

Every Saturday morning from 9-10:30am. Children may come and go according to adult fitness schedules, or stay for the whole class! Snacks, yoga mats, and art supplies will be provided.

Bring Your Baby to Yoga

Self care is essential for motherhood. Bring Your Baby Yoga focuses on building strength & endurance through gentle asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath) exercises. We will focus on rebuilding the pelvic floor, stretching the shoulders & chest, and building abdominal strength.
This class has it’s own special rhythm. Though the practice focuses on the caregiver, it also provides the flexibility to sooth crying babies, change diapers, & feed. This is an open & safe space to explore your postpartum body and meet other new mom’s in the community.
This class is recommended for mom’s who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and pre-crawling babies. All levels of experience are welcomed.
Please bring a pillow or blanket for your baby to lay on and a toy. You are also welcome to bring a wrap to practice with your baby.

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