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Have you ever wanted to teach Pilates? Or maybe you’re a student and have fallen in love with the work and would like to improve your practice and deepen your knowledge of Pilates. At The Spot we offer a full 450-hour Comprehensive Pilates training which includes Mat Pilates and the full studio apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel. We also offer just the Mat Pilates training, Phase I of the full curriculum, detailed below. You will come away with the confidence and knowledge to teach any types of client after completing our program. Our program is PMA approved and you will be eligible for the Pilates Method Alliance certification after completion of the 450-hour comprehensive program! Led by Loralee Stephens & Laurie Conley


Mat 1
Mat 2 
Chair & Barrels
Tower & Cadillac
Reformer 1
Reformer 2


Are you ready to deepen your yoga journey? Through this 200 hour program we will dive into the roots of yogic history and explore the fundamentals of a vinyasa yoga practice. Our goal is for you to feel empowered and prepared to teach a yoga class while also creating a deeper relationship within your body, mind, and personal yoga journey.

Nancy Ware 500E-RYT will be the Lead Trainer for our 200 RYT Yoga teacher training. The following aspects of yoga will be taught:

Anatomy & Physiology



Yoga Philosophy








Meditation & Mantras

What to expect out of our 200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training:


  • Be able to teach a well rounded yoga class

  • Speak to the anatomical alignment of poses

  • Deliver cues that students can understand

  • Learn to modify yoga sequences to fit the student’s background and needs

  • Understand how to modify the pose in a safe and effective manner

  • Learn physical assists to support the student in the mat

  • Receive public speaking coaching and feedback

  • Be able to speak to and apply the principles of the Eight Limbed Yogic Path

  • Study the history of yoga and how it made its way west

  • Create themes that inspire the physical work of yoga

Whether you want to learn to teach or deepen your understanding of yoga, all levels of experience are welcomed to this training.

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