Gold Membership


Monthly unlimited Access to all Pilates equipment classes.

Silver Membership


Monthly unlimited access to all yoga, mat pilates, TRX, spin, and aerial yoga classes.

Membership Perks

20% off drop-ins outside of selected membership
10% off selected retail items
Discounted rates for workshops and events
1 monthly buddy pass

*Discounted rates available for college students & seniors.

Membership at the Spot is the most popular and economical choice for those who practice at least two times a week. Our membership program has a three month minimum commitment. *EFT (automatic monthly withdraw) required. Members may suspend their account once annually, for up to 4 months. To cancel membership a 30 day notice prior to billing date is required. Memberships may be cancelled through email at

New Client Special $59 for 30 days of unlimited studio access

Yoga, Mat Pilates, Aerial Yoga, TRX, and Spin classes:

  • Single Class $15
  • 10 Class Package $109
  • Community Class $5
  • Children’s Yoga Single Class $12

*Private sessions for all classes available upon request

  • Single Class $24
  • 10 Class Package $179

*Private sessions for all classes available upon request

Need To Cancel?

Cancelling your membership is easy, please click on the button to contact us regarding your cancellation.